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One year experience as a JavaScript app developer

With a headache I couldn’t even get up, laying in bed and realizing that I am already working as a JavaScript app developer for a year now. So maybe it’s time to write some down, and time is now 😛

Using React Native is actually quite easy. You will have troubles for sure, but none of them will stop you from getting things down. React Native is guaranteed to work on all the upcoming phones in 2017.


We only have 2 front-end developers, and we are a small team(4 people). We know nothing about Android or iOS native development, but we already know a Web-view app is not going to be “Native” easily.

Two choices

We were looking for every possible way to avoid having too many knowledge learning at the beginning. You don’t want your head to be exploded when the project is not even starting yet.

But after research, there are only two choices: Native Script or React Native. And I think there are two reasons why we didn’t pick Native Script:


React Native clearly is the famous one, and the company like Facebook just make you feel safe. The community is very active, and many react native libraries could be found on the GitHub.


I don’t know what situation now, but one year before when I looked at Native Script, the debug tool is clearly not useful at all. It makes me feel like if I pick this framework on our project, I have to debug JavaScript by using “alert();” function if you know what I mean.


So our project starts with React Native. And surprisingly it went well, especially when you are using Redux with it: painful to write, easy to maintain.

One year before, we don’t know any native development at all. One year later, at least I am sure I still only know a few. I never touched native side, although there is always some problem: Android Emulator is not able to access host file, Android Emulator adds “UTF-8” in restful API requests content-type, iOS is not able to access user cell phone number, iOS is not able to send SMS in the background and so on.

But we learn fast and there are also many solutions you can find on the internet. So now our app is already in App Store and will be on Google Play soon.

At last, thanks to Kartenmacherei that giving me this opportunity to learn React Native and working with talented teammates to bring the app go live.
The journey is full of challenges and joy.

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